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Heartland Stories Radio

Dec 14, 2021

Jose Oliva is the Campaigns Director at HEAL Food Alliance and Director of the Chicago Area Food System Fund. Jose was the Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Food Chain Workers Alliance, a national coalition of food-worker organizations that collectively represents over 350,000 workers. He is a 2017 James Beard Award recipient and a 2018 American Food Hero Awardee. Tune in to learn more about:

- Jose's upbringing in Guatemala and his family's story of being persecuted and fleeing the country;

- Jose's and his mom's experience working in the food system and the sad truth why food workers are the lowest paid;

- Why labor is mostly left out when talking about food and agriculture;

- About the Food Chain Workers Alliance, their work and projects;

- About the Glass Floor Study on sexual harassment in the restaurant industry;

- Who owns the food system and their roots back to slavery;

- The minimum wage issue;

- The current pandemic and the consequences for food workers;

To learn more about Jose's work go to and